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Monday, 12 April 2021

The Regent of Luwu wants to make Latimojong an agro-tourism area

The Regent of Luwu wants to make Latimojong an agro-tourism area

Latimojong - The Regent of Luwu, Basmin Mattayang expressed his desire to make Latimojong District a tourist destination in Luwu Regency, South Sulawesi.

This was expressed by Basmin during his visit in order to monitor the progress of road widening work in a number of villages in Latimojong District, Saturday (9/1/2021).

The road widening work from Kadundung Village to Buntu Sarek Village and Bone Posi Village with a distance of 27 km is almost complete.

"This makes the travel time from the district capital to Bone Posi only about one hour because road access is very adequate," said Basmin.

With the support of adequate road access, Basmin believes that Latimojong District will become one of the tourist destinations.

"The natural beauty of Mount Latimojong will invite tourists to visit this area. Therefore, in the future we will develop Latimojong as an agro-tourism object," he said.

In order to make this happen, Basmin asked the Head of Latimojong Sub-district, Supriadi, to start guiding the community to plant fruits that are very suitable for growing in cold weather.

"From now on, the sub-district head, invite people to plant fruit that can grow in cold weather areas, such as apples and mangosteen. So that apart from enjoying the natural beauty, visitors can also enjoy the fruits of the Latimojong community fruit garden," he pleaded.

In the near future, the Luwu Regency Government and PT Masmindo Dwi Area will also sign an MoU for the construction of a new road from Bone Posi Village to Kadundung Village with a distance of 6.5 km which is planned to cost Rp. 9 billion.

Harbi, a resident of Buntu Sarek Village, expressed his feelings about the road works in his village.

"We are very grateful and grateful to the Luwu Regency Government, especially the regent who is working on repairing and widening roads in our village. This makes it very easy for us to carry out activities because of adequate road access," said Harbi.

Source: | January 10. 2021

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