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Community Development Programs

The Company is committed to supporting social progress and growing with the communities. Masmindo has developed four main areas for community engagement and support: education, health, infrastructure, and economic empowerment.

Education Programs

  • Donate funding for the construction of an elementary school in Boneposi Village. The school was officially declared as a Provincial School in 2018.
  • Provide assistance for school supplies, and financial support for teachers and students in nearby communities on a regular basis.

Health Programs

  • Donate masks and biohazard suits and provide educational programs about COVID-19 to prevent its spread.
  • Donate medical supplies to local medical clinics.
  • Support programs to educate parents and the vaccination of children in the surrounding communities.
  • Supports healthy diet initiatives by donating food supplements to pregnant mothers and babies
  • Develop sanitation facilities in the surrounding communities.
  • Employees' medical check-ups and hepatitis B vaccination.
  • Support free medical treatment for eight villages in the surrounding Awak Mas Project.
  • Donate staple food packages for the elderly in eight nearby villages.


Infrastructure Programs

Repair of roads, bridges, rice field irrigation channels, and build clean water facilities.

Empowerment Programs

  • Empowerment of women groups in five villages through a traditional snack program for campsite employees.
  • Provide assistance for two art studios, Maddika Bua & Maddika Ulosalu.
  • Prioritisation of the purchase of supplies from the surrounding communities.

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