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Sustainability Policy

Masmindo aims to be a sustainable business that delivers long-term shareholder value by building a mutually beneficial relationship with all stakeholders. Our mission is to grow with the local community and share the project benefits through management strategies that meet the needs of government and our corporate governance standards, while adapting to fit with the local culture. The company strives to maintain a structured and active dialogue with all stakeholders in order to identify and manage expectations and benefits.

Masmindo’s sustainability work is conducted from a triple bottom line perspective, which considers environmental, social, and corporate governance aspects: 

  • Environmental responsibility – protecting the environment by actively strive to reduce our own environmental impact as well as optimising the resource utilisation​  
  • Social sustainability – acting as a responsible employer as well as contributing to improved social progress within the geographic we are operating.
  • Business Governance – by applying good corporate practices to deliver a stable and profitable business. 

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