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Friday, 17 May 2024

MDA Accelerates Efforts in Distributing Aid to Residents

MDA Accelerates Efforts in Distributing Aid to Residents

Belopa, May 15, 2024 - Responding to the emergency situation where logistical assistance must be immediately received by flood and landslide-affected residents, PT Masmindo Dwi Area (MDA) has deployed at least 12 LV 4x4 vehicles along with the Emergency Response Team (ERT) since May 8 to ensure that this can be achieved.

Through good collaboration with BNPB, BPBD Sulsel, Luwu Regency Government, TNI & POLRI, to date at least 11 of the 12 villages in Latimojong District (Ulusalu, Buntu Sarek, Pajang, Tibussan, Pangi, Rante Balla, Boneposi, Kadundung, To'barru, Ta'bang and Toklajuk) have received aid distribution.

In an evaluation meeting on disaster response at the Andi Djemma Field Tribune Main Post in Belopa on Monday, May 13, Logistics and Equipment Manager of the National Disaster Management Agency (BNPB) Nadhira Seha Nur expressed her appreciation for MDA's support in opening access roads and distributing logistics. Nadhira also emphasized the importance of collaboration to be able to face all the challenges in the field.

Previously, MDA also received appreciation from the Director of Emergency Resource Support of BNPB Agus Riyanto in an evaluation meeting on disaster response at the Andi Djemma Field Tribune Main Post - Belopa, May 9, 2024, for the efforts to accelerate the opening of access roads by deploying 9 units of heavy equipment consisting of 1 dozer, 1 wheel loader, and 7 excavators, along with a number of personnel and other supporting vehicles since May 4, 2024.

Currently, MDA is continuously striving to stabilize a number of road sections that have the potential for follow-up landslides due to the rainy weather in the hill area. In parallel with this, MDA and its partners have also deployed an ERT team, including medical personnel (2 doctors) to help check the condition of residents and provide the necessary medical services, in close coordination with the Luwu Regency Health Office.

Head of Mining Engineering (KTT) MDA Mustafa Ibrahim stated, "These efforts are a step taken by the Company to actively collaborate with the Government, TNI & POLRI to help ensure that the affected villages in Latimojong District can recover as soon as possible."

Even though land access has reached almost all villages in Latimojong District, MDA will still support it with helicopter landing facilities (helipad) at the company's camp location if necessary.

MDA will continue to communicate and coordinate with all parties under the direction of the Luwu Regency government. MDA believes that good cooperation is a key supporting factor for the success of disaster response. (YP)***


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