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Friday, 03 June 2022

MDA Aided Landslide Victims

MDA Aided Landslide Victims

MDA Aided Landslide Victims


Awak Mas – This February, PT Masmindo Dwi Area (MDA) redemonstrated its social involvement through various assistance for residents affected by landslides in Latimojong District, Luwu, South Sulawesi. MDA deployed its heavy equipment to open access roads blocked by landslides, in addition to distributing food packages to residents affected by the disaster.


Landslides occurred at numerous spots in the villages of Ranteballa, Boneposi, Ulosalu, Pajang and Tabang. It is estimated that this is due to high rainfall, particularly in early February to early March. Landslides occurred in a row since February 7, 9, and 11. Many village roads and connecting roads between villages were blocked by landslides, making it impossible for residents to pass. The worst landslides spots of a total of 16 locations, occurred between the Ranteballa - Saronda Village road section, 4 landslide points in Padang Hamlet, as well as in Kandeapi Hamlet (Ranteballa), Tabang Village, and Gamaru Hamlet (Ulusalu).


Due to good coordination between MDA, the Luwu Regency Public Works Agency (PU), the Luwu Regional Disaster Mitigation Agency (BPBD), and the Latimojong District Government, road accesses were reopened. In addition to support from the Luwu Regency Government, MDA deployed heavy equipment of excavator to be able to open and at the same time repair several roads. Following the advancement, since February 12, access roads to these villages have been working normally and can be passed by residents. However, monitoring of road conditions and maintenance continues to be carried out by the Company.


Meanwhile, basic food assistance was provided by MDA to Ulusalu Village residents who were affected by the road blocking due to landslides. Several food packages have been distributed directly to residents by the Mine Engineering Chief (KTT) & MDA Site Manager Mustafa Ibrahim accompanied by company staff. The delivery of the basic food packages was also witnessed by the village and sub-district governments.


"We are very grateful to the MDA who are always quick to respond and take immediate action in the event of a disaster," said the Head of Latimojong Sub-district, Supriadi, during the Regional Development Planning Forum (Musrembang) of Latimojong on February 15, which was also attended by MDA. "Hopefully this good cooperation from all parties can continue to be realized in the future."


The contribution programs above are parts of implementation of the MDA Community Development and Empowerment Program (PPM), both in disaster management and infrastructure development. Several contributions have been and will continue to be made by MDA to villages around its mining areas, even though the Company has not yet entered the production phase. Previously, MDA also provided similar assistance for residents affected by floods in Ponrang District and some areas affected by the natural disasters in 2021.


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