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Friday, 03 June 2022

Masmindo & Luwu Environment Agency to Plant A Million Trees

Masmindo & Luwu Environment Agency to Plant A Million Trees

Masmindo & Luwu Environment Agency to Plant A Million Trees


Awak Mas –PT Masmindo Dwi Area (Masmindo) in collaboration with the Environment Agency of Luwu Regency (DLH), South Sulawesi launched the “Movement to Plant a Million Trees – Save the Earth” on Tuesday (22/03). The symbolic planting was carried out directly by the President Director of Masmindo Abidin Daeng Patompo and the Head of DLH Luwu Nahban. Also attending the event was the Head of the Forest Protection & Community Empowerment Section of KPH Latimojong Arsal Abdullah, the Head of Latimojong District Supriadi, the Head of Boneposi Village, the Head of Pajang Village, several other community leaders, and Masmindo Management.


After the symbolic planting, the event continued with joint planting along the village access road. This symbolic planting also marks the start of the distribution of 15,000 free seeds to communities in the villages of Pajang, Ulusalu, and Boneposi. The joint planting program and distribution of free seeds for residents will be carried out in stages to meet the target of one million trees and is primarily aimed at villages around Masmindo's operational areas. The distribution of various seeds such as durian, rambutan, langsat, jackfruit, and other woody plants was enthusiastically welcomed by residents during the event which lasted from yesterday morning until evening.


The declaration of this movement was initiated by Masmindo and DLH Luwu as part of the Climate Village Program (Proklim) of the Indonesian Ministry of Environment & Forestry, International Forest Day (21 March), and World Water Day (22 March). Head of the Environment Agency Luwu Nahban said, “This collaborative program between Masmindo and the Environment Service is outstanding and has a big impact on environmental sustainability in the Latimojong area as the heart of Luwu Regency. This program will continue with planting in coastal areas and other areas. We are grateful to have Masmindo's full support for these efforts.”


Masmindo President Director Abidin Daeng Patompo added, “The Movement for Planting a Million Trees is an excellent initiative that is planned to be sustainable. This initiative is an expression of Masmindo's commitment and care for the preservation of its surrounding environment. Planting trees is planting goodness for future generations for a better environment.”


Previously, Masmindo and community representatives were also present and actively participated in the Socialization of the Climate Village Program by DLH Luwu which took place at the Latimojong Sub-District Office last Thursday (17/03). Residents have aspirations and high expectations to get seeds with economic values that can support their income.



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