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Friday, 03 June 2022

Greening the Coast, Masmindo Plants Mangroves

Greening the Coast, Masmindo Plants Mangroves

Greening the Coast, Masmindo Plants Mangroves


Belopa – Commemorating Earth Day on April 22, PT Masmindo Dwi Area (Masmindo) held a mangrove planting at Taddete Harbor, South Senga Village, Luwu Regency, South Sulawesi on Saturday (23/04). The mangrove planting is a continuation of the One Million Trees Movement Program in collaboration with the Luwu Regency Environment Agency (DLH). The symbolic planting was carried out by the President Director of Masmindo, Abidin Daeng Patompo, together with the Regent of Luwu, Basmin Mattayang, and the Head of DLH Luwu, Nahban. Also present were the Head of the Belopa Makkawaru Sub-district, the Acting Head of South Senga Village Anwar Amir, the Karang Taruna of South Senga Village, the Mangrove Lovers Community (KPA), a number of community leaders, and Masmindo Management.


After the symbolic handover of the seeds, the event continued with joint planting along the coast of Taddete Harbor in collaboration with the Mangrove Lovers Community (KPA). In the first stage of planting, Masmindo and KPA prepared no less than 5,500 seedlings and facilitated the demonstration plots for Mangrove nurseries in Luwu Regency.


President Director of PT Masmindo Dwi Area Abidin Daeng Patompo stated, “We are committed to planting trees in a sustainable manner and monitoring the trees we have planted. If a tree doesn't grow, we'll replace it. We hope that Masmindo can continue to collaborate with the government and local communities in planting trees in a sustainable manner.”


The One Million Trees Movement launched by Masmindo is also in line with the Luwu Regency government program plan to create an agro-tourism area in Latimojong and its surroundings. “I would like to thank Masmindo, who previously has also planted fruit trees in the Movement to Plant a Million Trees. We hope that Masmindo is committed to planting, picking, and consuming and continuing this program in collaboration with local governments and community leaders," said Luwu Regent, Basmin Mattayang.


Masmindo has committed to fostering KPA and local communities in the process of nursery and cultivate mangrove at the provided demonstration plots. This Mangrove Nursery has a capacity of 10,000 to 15,000 seedlings and is centered in Senga Selatan Village.


Previously, Masmindo and DLH Luwu had planted and distributed 15,000 seeds of fruit and wood plants for free in Pajang, Ulusalu, and Boneposi Villages in the Movement to Plant a Million Trees Program. The Company is committed to preserving the environment around its operational areas by conducting periodic reforestation and monitoring air and water quality.

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