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Friday, 10 December 2021

Commemorating World Environment Day, Masmindo Plants Trees in Rante Balle

Commemorating World Environment Day, Masmindo Plants Trees in Rante Balle

Luwu, – Environmental sustainability has always been an important concern of PT Masmindo Dwi Area (Masmindo).

Therefore, to commemorate World Environment Day which falls every June 5, Masmindo planted trees and cover crops at landslide-prone points on Subdistrict Road, Minanga Hamlet, Rante Balla Village, Latimojong District, Luwu Regency, South Sulawesi.

The planting of trees and cover crops is in line with the theme chosen by the United Nations for World Environment Day 2021, which is an invitation to the international community to restore environmental conditions within the next decade.

“Masmindo is committed to environmental sustainability. We routinely carry out environmental revitalization programs to preserve ecosystems," said Boyke P. Abidin, President Director of Masmindo, in a release Thursday (24/6/2021).

“The company also has a replanting program in agriculture to replace the crops that were disturbed during our activities at the site,” he added.

In commemoration of this year's World Environment Day, Masmindo planted suren trees, elephant grass, and king grass to cover the open land so that the surrounding soil becomes strong while preventing landslides that can disrupt residents' activities.

The head of Rante Balla Village, Irvan, who participated in this reforestation program stated, "We hope that Masmindo's presence will not only improve the local economy, but also help protect the environment around the village."

This program is not Masmindo's first effort in environmental conservation. In 2019, the company planted sengon trees and elephant grass in landslide areas on the road to Tabang Village.

Last year, Masmindo took part in the revitalization of the Songgang River by releasing 21,000 freshwater fish seeds into the river.

Masmindo routinely monitors environmental conditions around the Awak Mas site. Every six months, the company conducts aquatic ecology monitoring and flora and fauna assessments, including rainfall data collection, groundwater and surface water monitoring, revegetation programs and waste disposal.

Monitoring is also carried out by assessing surface water quality, hydrology, meteorology, ambient air quality as well as noise, and aquatic ecology.

Masmindo is committed to maintaining the environment around its operational area in order to remain sustainable. (*)


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